A new equity-based project

«Gender, racial and social equality should be recognized to fully exercise citizen rights,» said jurist Julio C. Guanche.

He made the statement at a colloquium along these lines, held on October 10-11 at the Christian Center for Reflection and Dialogue (CCRD) in Cárdenas, 150 kilometers east of Havana.

The event was the first action implemented under the Possible Cuba Platform for Dialogue, which seeks to reflect on local realities from an inclusive, ecumenical perspective and promote education, culture and spirituality.

Coordinated by Lenier González and Roberto Veiga, who have for 10 years edited Espacio Laical, a successful review of the Christian Church in Cuba, the project also fosters peace and cooperation between Cuba and foreign countries.

The colloquium addressed theoretical and historical issues related to national sovereignty, Latin American integration processes, the national political system, civil society, and social imagery.

The list of key speakers included Julio C. Guanche, essay writers Jesús Arboleya and Rafael Acosta, political scientist Rafael Hernández, psychologist Ovidio D’Angelo, historian Berta Álvarez, sociologist Aurelio Alonso, and journalist David Corcho.

Guanche highlighted the need to establish a policy accommodating pluralistic demands and guaranteeing all citizens’ participation in public life.

The event was attended by over 60 social scientists from Matanzas, Havana, Villa Clara, Holguín and Santiago de Cuba provinces.

CCRD director Rita M. García told SEMlac that they have for 23 years made special emphasis on concerted actions.

Its Steering Committee also includes Reverend Raimundo García, coordinators Veiga and González, National Social Sciences Award winner Aurelio Alonso, essayist Julio C. Guanche, sociologist Mayra Espina, economist Pavel Vidal, and writer Víctor Fowler.

«We will organize other academic meetings in the near future,» she anticipated.

Veiga expressed their commitment to fighting violence and defending the weak. «There should be no marginalized sectors and/or fragmenting countries,» he stressed.

Guanche highlighted the importance of showing respect for diversity, fighting inequality, and establishing partnerships with similar centers.

The Platform is funded by the University of Oslo’s Environment and Development Center and is associated with the headquarters of Inter Press Service in Rome.

Translated by Adolfo Fuentes

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