A book on the cultural contribution of local women

The book Damas de Social (Women of Social) is a type of catalogue of outstanding women in Cuban culture and history in the early 20th century. It has just been launched by Boloña, the publishing house of the Office of the City Historian, at the 24th International Book Fair.

Compiled by writers Nancy Alonso and Mirta Yánez, it focuses on 28 intellectuals who were contributors to Social, one of the most influential cultural publications between 1916 and 1938.

It includes, among others, the biographies and photographs of Luisa Pérez, Lydia Cabrera, Serafina Núñez, Dulce Borrero, Mariblanca Sabas, Aurelia Castillo, Fanny Crespo, Graciela Garbalosa, Flora Díaz, and Natalia Aróstegui, as well texts by contemporary writers.

The work shows the participation of local women in social spaces at a time when they had just started fighting for their rights. The list includes writers, pedagogues, art critics, and political activists.

«The battle they waged still needs to be won,» Alonso indicated.

Researcher Rolando López said the book is an excellent historical essay with a beautiful design.

With Conrado W. Massaguer as its editor-in-chief and Emilio Roig as its literary editor, Social made no room for «rampant male-chauvinism,» so typical of the period.

«These women should be remembered and paid tribute to. Some of our squares, streets and libraries will hopefully be named after them,» Yáñez concluded.

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