Alba M. Ojeda, a 62-year-old resident in La Conchita, a neighborhood in Matanzas province, around 100 kilometers east of the capital city, never imagined that her husband could try to kill her with a machete. «We never argued. I only knew he was not happy with my job asLeer más

Political will is necessary to incorporate gender violence prevention and control into community work on the island, grassroots leaders feel. Efforts along these lines are being negatively affected by lack of funds for actions, little access to the media, inappropriate support for the economic empowerment of violence victims, police authorityLeer más

There is a need to formulate and implement comprehensive local development strategies to prevent women from migrating from rural to urban areas, experts believe. «I was born and raised in El Roble, a community in the Sierra Maestra mountain range, 760 miles east of Havana. I got married and hadLeer más