Women look at the north

Women account for most emigrants from Cuba to the United States, research works have shown.
Against this background, specialists recommend paying special attention to gender differences under local migration processes.

They formulated this recommendation in an article recently published by Novedades en Población (Population News), a digital review of the University of Havana’s Population Study Center. (http://www.novpob.uh.cu/index.php/rnp)

Gretel Marrero, a researcher at the Center, interviewed 197 Cuban men and women who had left the country between 2000 and 2010.

She indicated that 83 percent of these women and 80 percent of the men left by air.
«They were mostly white and young,» she added.

«These women were of reproductive age,» she emphasized.

«This is particularly relevant in a country like Cuba, where there is an accelerated population aging process under way,» she stressed.

Other experts like Consuelo Martín and Jany Bárcenas have concluded that the idea behind the move is basically to deal with the economic situation on the island.

They highlighted the need for local authorities to establish a high-level institute to study international migration in Cuba

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