The makers of perfect husbands

By Ilse Bulit

I am listening to the radio. It is just another interview with an imperfect woman speaking about her perfect husband. She can not over-praise him enough: «He helps me a lot. I was able to complete my university studies thanks to him. He takes our son to the day-care center. He cooks better than I do». A few accidental, skin-deep examples show how easily the chain breaks. I do not question the existence of men who really believe they are responsible for supporting their families. I am not in doubt either about the fact that younger generations have a better understanding of this than their predecessors. I would like to think that these behavioral changes flow like a powerful waterfall rather than like a drought-stricken river with a dropping volume of running water. When I asked a reporter about her long list of interviews, in which most women did not speak honestly about their couple relations, she answered me that her guests were afraid of causing a row and annoying their husbands if they revealed the truth.
There is no doubt: The impact of double standards, which have for centuries provided a pretext for hypocrisy, is no trivial matter.

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