Sexual diversity, making room for understanding

By Raquel Sierra
Traditionally considered male-chauvinistic and homophobic, the Cuban society is gradually accepting sexual diversity while some legal steps are taken along these lines.
Regarded as the «right» behavior, heterosexuality is making room for other sexual preferences and orientations that are being slowly recognized. Homosexuals, bisexuals, transsexuals and transvestites are becoming increasingly visible and are already accepted by academicians, university graduates, artists and other sensitized people.
Mayra Rodríguez, a psychologist working at the National Sex Education Center (CENESEX), indicated that there is now greater acceptance of behaviors, identities, orientations and expressions that are different from heterosexuality. «The government-run Center has played a key role in this connection, right after a Working Group on Sex Education was established in the 1970s to train staff and develop an ethical and humane approach to sexual diversity», she added. «We realized how necessary it was to raise awareness in the population. This has had a positive impact on social understanding and acceptance», she stressed.

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