Sexual diversity and the media

By Dixie Edith

After listing the qualities of a workmate, a man on a television spot says: He has a different sexual orientation, but that does not matter. And immediately afterwards, he asks viewers: Does it matter to you? Broadcast in the evening over Cubavisión, a national TV channel, this and other messages in the form of cartoons, where same-sex couples appear, have raised the issue of sexual diversity in the island. «When I saw it for the first time, I thought I had misunderstood it», said Rolando Domínguez, a 21-year-old art student. «I had heard a lot about Strawberry and Chocolate and the impact of this film when it was premiered. I was very young at the time, he told SEMlac. There came The hidden side of the moon. There were many loose ends in this television soap opera», he stressed. «The good thing about the spot is that it raises the issue, gives food for thought, and urges to take action», he emphasized. These messages and other communication actions have a lot to do with HIV/AIDS prevention work, indicated Raúl Regueiro, coordinator of the Men Having Sex with Men (MSM) Project, at the National Prevention Center for STIs, HIV and AIDS.

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