Interactive exhibition on daily sexism

Flattering comments, high heels for women, jokes about women drivers, and scolding boys for crying are just some of the most frequently seen acts of sexism.

It was precisely against this background that young Brazilian artist Larissa Bezerra has developed a trans-media project.

«It includes a web-based platform for audiovisual messages, a Facebook page, and an exhibition at the International Film and Television School (EICTV) in San Antonio de Los Baños (Havana).

«Sexism is mostly due to our way of thinking,» she told SEMlac.

«It actually curbs the social advancement of women,» she added.

At the entrance to the exhibition, a poster urges men to take off their shoes and wear high heels so that they can experience what women endure to adjust to the so-called canons of beauty.

There are also recordings of men besieging women in the street and automatic searches for the words «women» and «men» on Google.

Street harassment is one of the most common and harmful manifestations of daily sexism. Data show that over 98 percent of women have suffered from it one way or another.

Bezerra uses physical experiences to have an impact on people and generate attitudinal change.
She would like to further implement the project and take the exhibition elsewhere.

«My idea is to make a documentary or short film on it,» she concluded.

Translated by Adolfo Fuentes

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