Gender violence

Por Sara Más /

Violence against women is now being given greater visibility than in the past, but additional actions are still required.

«While some studies have been carried out along these lines, there is a need to go deeper into this phenomenon,» said Mariela Castro, director of the National Sex Education Center (CENESEX).

«We need to further develop healthcare and legal services for victims,» she added. «Case reports are of the essence,» she noted.

Research works have highlighted the imperative need to establish new mechanisms or improve those under implementation,» stressed Manuel Vázquez, a legal advisor to CENESEX.

«Extenuating circumstances should be carefully reviewed in cases of women who have resorted to violence after having endured it for long,» he remarked.

«And aggravating circumstances should be considered in cases involving crimes committed on grounds of gender and/or sex,» he added.

«We have got involved in and managed to resolve several cases of discrimination at school and even in the armed forces,» he recalled.

«There is usually no protest against psychological violence or damage,» Castro indicated.

CENESEX specialists dealt with 446 cases by mail and 652 actual victims of sexual abuse and/or discrimination only in the January-November 2012 period.

These services have been provided since early 2007, when the number of people whose sexual rights are violated began to grow.

«The Center has practically become an observatory on human and sexual rights,» Vázquez concluded.

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