Cuba: Religion, bad weather conditions in 2008

By Raquel Sierra
Out of faith or curiosity, many Cubans await the so-called Letter of the Year, which contains the predictions made by Afro-Cuban religion leaders for the next 12 months. The “babalawos” or Yoruba bishops wrote the Letter, including signs, prophecies, ruling and accompanying orishas, flags, ebbó (witchcraft), proverbs, recommendations, works and pieces of advice. Made public at a liturgy held on December 31, the Letter warns about bad weather conditions in 2008. According to the Letter’s Organizing Committee members, Ifá (Supreme Being) predictions indicate that 2008 will be ruled by Oggún, a god representing war and warriors. Christians associate it with Saint Peter. Yemayá, the goddess of water, mother of Yoruba religion and Virgin of Regla to Christians, will also be ruling this year.

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