A new communication campaign for women is addressing psychological abuse. “It has been developed and launched by the Oscar A. Romero Reflection and Solidarity Group, an NGO working to make violence against women and girls visible and help eradicate it,” said María T. Díaz, its communication specialist.Leer más

Teenagers who live under poverty conditions or have committed crimes are now participating in a new project developed by the School of Communication at the University of Havana. The idea is to make them reflect on family relations, their neighborhoods and school settings.Reporter Rodolfo Romero told SEMlac that the initialLeer más

Sexist messages that are deeply rooted in patriarchal myths, prejudices and stereotypes often marginalize and underestimate women at work. “Psycho-social risks have a special negative impact on women,” said Lucía García, a training specialist at a project design company (EPROGIV).Leer más

Women account for most emigrants from Cuba to the United States, research works have shown.Against this background, specialists recommend paying special attention to gender differences under local migration processes. They formulated this recommendation in an article recently published by Novedades en Población (Population News), a digital review of the UniversityLeer más

Activists against homophobia in Cuba are seeking to come up with a common agenda, increase their political influence, and fully exercise their basic rights. The exclusion of a group of LGBTIQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer) activists from a supposedly gay-friendly bar in Havana has been widely reported.Leer más