The most important demographic challenges in Cuba today are associated with low fertility rates and accelerated population aging. This came from participants in a panel to review the implementation of the Plan of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development, held in Cairo (Egypt) in 1994.Leer más

«While progress towards family and gender violence prevention and control has been made in the last few years, gaps and challenges remain,» said Marisol Alfonso, an officer of the United Nations Population Fund in Cuba. «The problem is being made visible, and several social networks and institutions are highlighting theLeer más

Most caregivers are median-age women who are not accounted for in statistical data and whose work often goes unnoticed. Many have children and even grandchildren, have married more than once, and seem to be predestined to care for others.Leer más

The local mother mortality rate is dropping, but not as much as required, experts feel.Alisbeth Romey, a 16-year-old mother living in the city of Matanzas, over 100 kilometers east of Havana, had her baby born by caesarean section in early March 2013. «It was the most terrible experience of myLeer más